Mozambique 2006 - Photo taken by Afonso Santos is a non-profit organization that celebrates the creativity of children around the world through the toys they make and play with!

There are many children throughout the world who make their own toys out of recycled material. A group of children in small villages in Africa inspired us to create this organization because of their amazing talent.

We have collected hundreds toys from throughout the world, many highlighted here on our website. The WorldPlay collection has been on loan (free) to many museums throughout the world including THE SMITHSONIAN in Washington, D.C.

CNN has produced numerous stories about Worldplay and children who have been involved in WORLDPLAY including an Atlanta Elementary School where over 300 toys were created, many of which were donated to homeless children across Georgia.

WorldPlay salutes the wonderful children who teach all of us the importance of creativity, respect for different cultures and fun ways to recycle!

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