The Bottle Cap Man - Directions

Materials You'll Need

Five strands of wire, two of them about twelve inches in length,
two of them about 6 inches, and one should be eighteen inches in length
An empty thread spool
String or yarn (for my hair)
About 125 bottle caps
A marker or crayon
A hammer and one nail.

1. Take a hammer and a big nail. Punch a hole in the top of each bottle cap. (Please have adult supervision for this step)

2. Take the two smaller strands of wire and twist the bottom of each end into circles to form feet. The "feet" keep the bottle caps from slipping off.

3. Slip the bottle caps (about 25 per leg) onto the wire until you only have about an inch left of exposed wire on each end. Twist the two ends together. These are the legs!

4. Repeat step number 3, this time use half the length of wire to form arms.

5. Take a long piece of wire (about one and a half feet) and pile on the bottle tops! Twist the ends together so that you've formed the body.

6. Attach the arms and legs by twisting extra pieces of wire around the body wire. Be sure you leave a strand of wire sticking out for my neck!

7. Place the thread spool on my neck and twist the wires at the top to hold it in place.

8. Now you can decorate by gluing yarn to the spool to make my hair and the draw on a happy face.

You're done!